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Installation instructions for Set Neck

Create the neck pocket using your routing template. It is most important to be very careful at this stage not to make the neck pocket too deep. Be sure to calculate string height before routing.

It's also very important that the template be securely fastened to the body with good quality double sided tape, and that the 2 surfaces are absolutely free from sawdust.

Set the neck into the joint. It should be a very snug fit so you may need a clamp to ease it into place.

Mark the area that needs to be removed.

Be sure to make precise lines. Don't cut way any more than needs to be.

To make this cut out I use a band saw then sand it with a skinny belt sander. Note the area just behind the fingerboard. It's also notched so the front pickup mounting ring will set flat with the body.

When you're done it should look something like this.

Before gluing the neck into the body, you'll want to get the body to the point of sealer. Don't be in a hurry to glue in the neck. Do all the surface prep stuff to the body, dye, binding, grain filler, and sealer before mounting the neck.

Do not get any sealer, grain filler, or dye into the neck pocket! Mask it off!



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